Wednesday, June 2, 2010

She Rides Again - Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day Weekend, 2010.
Lake Guntersville State Park. Primitive Camping.
80s during the day, 60s at night, with intermittent rain showers.
Cool, comfortable, gorgeous.

We had our giant American flag set up as the awning for the first day, until it rained enough to soak through it. It was pretty cool. Didn't manage to get pics of that before we replaced it with the old duct tape patched tarp, though - sorry!

Obviously we haven't had the time to do the overhaul we were hoping to have done before taking her back on the road, but heck. We have an Airstream. We're going camping.

A local family came around with a truckload of firewood for sale and we split a stack with our neighboring site. Our half was more than enough to get a couple of good fires roaring, and we still ended up bringing most of it home for the fire pit on our patio.

Ben's mom and granddad came to visit Sunday afternoon. We sat out under the awning as long as we could, until it poured buckets and our duct tape patches started leaking. Then we all moved inside to chat, nibble on dried fruit, nuts and japanese rice crackers, and listen to the pitter-patter on the aluminum roof. Aaaahhh.

Then Ben walked down to the edge of the water to capture the incredible after-the-rain sunset...

...while Lisa got cookin' on some fabulous camping food...

...Thai coconut curry noodles with chicken and Japanese eggplant...spicy enough to warm us up after a cool rainy day.

And we sat around the fire 'til long after dark, with full and happy tummies.