Saturday, August 20, 2011

Memorial Day Wknd 2011--Honeycomb Campground

Honeycomb Campground is on the opposite shore of Lake Guntersville, the same lake as the State Park we camped at the year before, but facing east instead of west. The morning views were awe-inspiring to say the least.

We were so close to the shoreline that we could pull back the curtains and see nothing but water!

Friendly Canada geese seemed to like hanging out at our camp spot as much as we did.

One especially hot afternoon we drove over to Cathedral Caverns and spent a couple of refreshing hours in an underground tour of the caverns, which stay a pleasant 50-60 degrees year round. A steady stream of southern drawl from our guide, "Little Man", made the tour memorable. He sure knew and loved the place, and it didn't hurt that phrases like, "' stuff like 'at..." wove their way through the monologue.

This was the view up out of the mouth of the cave, on our way down underground.

Ben's family came up for a day. That was the day our one-year-old niece discovered watermelon. She probably ate a quarter of that melon all by herself. Between the juice and her teething slobber, she was sticky, pink, soaked from head to toe, and perhaps the happiest baby alive. Well, unless we tried to take her rinds away. We had to dunk her in the lake to clean her off.

Can't wait 'til a break in our schedule and the cooler fall weather to get back out there...

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Aluminium Idler said...

Lovely shots, particularly framed by the oval window.